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Hi Victor, With this attunement, first I got a headache, then I felt the way Hemi-sync's resonant tuning & Holosync make me feel all in one. My body was vibrating ( big time ) & I felt very aware of a presence within my room. The vibrations would start & stop, each time building in intensity at different locations; all the way to my toes. Thank you, Love & Light - Karen

Hellow-At the end I felt an opening on my forhead but it was much smaller but what seemed to come through it was coming through fast and with allot of force that is why I grasped the back of the bench to stretch the spine. It was like evening out a tube so a force that was warm could come out like a bullet train - but it wasn't the whole head- just a small portion of it. I also began to become slowly aware of the third eye chakra as if it was begining to open as if it had been dormid. It was not an extreme experience because I could feel above all things as if I could harness it- speed it up or slow it down.There is a need for people to offer an alternative to radical extremism. I feel I have found a way to express this alternative. Cace

Hi Victor, Thanks for your time this morning. The session was pretty intense with all chakras being ignited from the root to the crown, with heat radiating from both hands and feet, and the occasional "twitches" in the legs and upper back. It felt like I was being "worked on", almost in a clinical manner. I had distance healing sessions in the past, and this morning session felt pretty similar. Warm regards, Bernard

Victor-Your Attunements are very amazing-Blessings-Sally

Hi Victor, Thank you very much for the wonderful attunement. I felt a great weight lifting, and it was really marvelous. For the first time in ages. Thank you so much, Fara

Victor, I just wanted to thank you for the 3 attunements for Kundalini Reiki Regular version. It was a very beautiful blissful experience. Thanks Again, Sharon

Namaste - Victor, about the Attunement this morning, thank you, I got a burst of vibrational energy, starting at my feet, later I gave Reiki to my Client and I felt spiral energy in my left Palm I will keep you updated.- Ann

Victor, thank you for the attunements. Very interesting opening! I feel like I've entered a funnel of information that keeps flashing faster than the speed of interpretation. I'm figuring out what I'm seeing, slowly. Can I just say "Whew"! Always sending love, geo

Hi Victor-Once again I was able to treat a client today - switching on by thinking 'Kundalini Reiki' - and this time I felt that the power was stronger and also that I was more 'in tune' with the client - I was able to tell her about certain emotional blockages that she needs to deal with and was right in my diagnosis. So far I'm quite pleased with the results! I've also had a couple of incidents of precognition. I have had these before but never so clear as now. Does Kundalini Reiki sharpen the sixth sense? Thanks-Pen

Hellow- Thank you so much for the attunement. I really felt the energy as I started to swing back and forth and then my head started rotating with increasing amplitude for 7 minutes. Then the head rocked like a boat on the waves and stopped. Then again my body started 'back-and-forth' moving (less time). I felt the energy moving from the foot up my left leg several times. Besides that I felt more dense energy at my perineum area. I meditated for about 30 minutes. Thank you again- Namaste, Vladimir

Good morning Victor Thank you for the wonderful attunement last night. I felt the energy almost instantly in the 3rd eye chakra and across my brow. After a little while there was lots of energy streaming from the base of my skull up to my crown chakra. I felt quite heady at the end. The palms of my hands were quite hot and that lasted all night long as I woke up with the same heat. Thank you once again for your light Victor, Namaste Joan

Hello Victor: Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience my first attunement was. My body vibrated for quite some time. In my third eye, I saw a dark blue orb surrounded by yellow and near the end of the attunement, I saw a small beautiful purple orb. It was amazing. Thank you, Robert

Good Afternoon Victor, Thank you so much for the wonderful attunements with the Kundalini Reiki. My clients this weekend have felt some amazing energy moving through them. I love the ease in which the attunements flowed through to me. Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

Hi, That was unbelievable. The attunement was so powerful. during the attunement my hands were guided toward different chakras especially the 7th chakra. I was much more connected with the source. It felt like usui reiki attunement I've had before. In the end of attunment, I felt my palm chakras were widening. Waiting for next levels. Thanks, Amir

Good morning Victor! The Kundalini Reiki 2 attunement was great. I became the serpent as she was also me and "watched"/felt/knew as she rose upward thru all the in-body chakras and also seemed to reach to the 10th or 11th chakra. She then looked out thru my physical eyes and also third eye and for around 2 minutes (which was a wonderful lifetime) I was able to see without illusion!! Amazing! Thanks again! Nancy

Hi Victor, Thanks for the Kundalini Level 1 Attunement. I read the attunement request and then sat for about 30 minutes. Almost immediately I felt a warm bright energy flowing down from the top of myself. My mind started to rush so I had to calm it down several times. After the attunement was done I read the instructions for level 1 and did a “Healing” session on myself. I felt an incredible bright blissful energy all over me. That energy ran for about a few minutes but it was very intense. Then I did a “Cleansing” on my house and that felt very strong too. The energy ran for a few minutes longer than the personal healing. After that I did a “Karmic Band Healing” on a relationship with an ex-business partner and that ran for a few minutes and after that I felt really well and light. I finished that session with a “Situation/Quality Healing”. I did the healing on some anger/jealousy that I feel towards a person. The energy ran very deeply and again I felt much better and with more peace after the session. Carlos

Hi Victor Thank you for this Kundalini Reiki Master level attunment. First I felt it mostly in my root chakra, then it moved up, I remember a nice pressure in my 3rd eye, then I fall in to sleep. When this was happening, I saw many people from many past lives. Love and Light, Solveig

Hi Victor, Thank you very much for the KR 1-2-3- Attunements, they went very well and got stronger each time! Thank you once again and I look forward to hearing from you. Peace, Love and Light, Anthony

Victor, That was really wonderful I asked God, The Holy Spirit, And Love and Light of the Divine to be with me during attunement and it was neat because I kept getting guided to put my hands in different positions. I also felt a lot of energy in my palms and it was coming out of my finger tips. But it was really nice, I was having a very off day today feeling really down in the dumps and now I feel Great! Thanks again, Love Peace & Hugs Jessica

Victor- Thank You for the attunement Sunday night- I felt a warmth of energy for awhile and very relaxed since. I am very grateful for your gift With love & Light, Cynthia

Thank you so very much for the KR Level 1 and 2 Attunements. I would like to comment on the Attunements. For the first time in my life I am without words. I am Grateful, Victor, Diane

I just want to let you know I did my first Kundalini Reiki Attunement this morning. Wow....beautiful, warm energy. My hands were burning. I am just going to let this settle for a day or two so I will let you know when I can do my 2nd attunement. Amazing! Thank you so much, love and light, Loretta

Hello, Many thanks for the KRA Attunements and for your phone call. I feel soo much energy all around me; In my face, cheeks, forehead, crown chakra, legs, under my feet – generally around my body. When I do the meditation, my heart chakra, vibrates with the strongest energy imaginable. Thank you soo much, Blessings, K

Hi, So far it seems like with number 1 and 2 during attunements my body goes into a trance or theta like state and then I get feeling as if things were purcolating at the base of the spine. I have noticed a change in dreams because firstly I can remember them and 2ndly when I have a work related question and I am at home in the absence of a colleague it seems like I can still communicate with the person and get the necessary answer. Kind of strange but true. Many Thanks, Sha

Victor, Thank you for the KR Attunement, I did experience some brow chakra visions. It was like I was observing a wormhole; (like riding on a rollercoaster) with flashes of dense light. The other was heat from my root chakra to middle of my back, my back started to ache. It was a very interesting experience. Thank you for this attunement & Blessings to you always, Melinda

Hello Victor,I experienced lots of heat last night,little sleep and mostly increasingly beautiful heart expansion. I am in a blissful state today despite a busy schedule. I am fortunate to be serving the light with elderly patients. Many many Blessings to you for your work. love laura

Victor, Wow, what can I say? I've never had my ears ring for such a long time (a good 12- 20 minutes). At the end, I felt a stirring sensation around my crown chakra and my feet chakras also started tingling. Then, I felt very light and then heavy as I sank back into my body. Everything went all still & quiet, and I just knew that the session was over. Very peculiar. I am very excited for the next stage, thank you.-Kenny

Victor, Thanks for the empowerment, it was very healing and good, I felt the energy especially in the begining in the heart, throat, and third eye chakra, then I felt as if there was a ball of golden light between my hands that were in Namaste, or anjali mudra, next I felt Kundalini activating at my root chakra, from there I didn't feel it rising, since I have begun experiencing the awakening of shakti, I have only experienced it rising through all the chakras only a couple of times, mostly it I feel that my root is on fire and then that is that, anyways after the sensation was over I felt some energy in my foot moving and then I felt the session was over, I looked at my watch and it had been twenty min, I relaxed in meditation for several more min and that was that, tonight I feel good, normal, and excited, to continue the process. Thank you, Stacy

Dearest Master, By your divine grace I’am fine and feeling very nice and cheerful and light after the attunements of Kundalini Reiki. I’am very very grateful and Thankful to your kind self. Words fail to describe the feeling. Just I can say THANKS A LOT! With sincere regards, Anupam

Dear Victor: Thanks so much for the attunement for Level 2. It took me into a roller-coster or emotional cleansing. I was taking to the outskirts of my ego-impossed boundaries. They felt like rubber, isolating me from the living matrix of creation. I wanted to scream, felt doomed by my own limitations, and finally it broke into tears, then crying, then weeping. After a while, a peaceful energy like a balm swept me over from the top down. Thank you thank you thank you. Thanks again and much blessings to you.Namaste Diego

Victor, thank you so much I felt wonderful things in my throat it started buzzing then it moved to my heart which started of small tiny pain and then it shot out through my forehead and my head my hands are constantly buzzing and tingling I see different colors when I close my eyes I can't wait to start number 2. Thanks, Annette

Hi Victor, My second level Kundalini Reiki 2 session went well,I could feel as if my Trunk,arms and head were bathed in a pool of energy.The other day i could also feel the Reiki energy wnen i was prectising to do Healing. Thank you very much Victor Lemsley

Hi, thank you for the attunment it was amazing. i felt as if my root opened and my dragons just like rushed up my spine. but it was a very deep meditation! Dragan

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